Properly Valuing Your Military Projects

Whether you are looking to accurately capture your military projects for your Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate application or for your annual eval (NCOER or OER), properly valuing your project worth can be challenging for military project managers. Most military project managers think in terms of cost savings for the military. This is correct since we are a “not for profit” organization like corporations but it leads military project managers to overlook a key line item when it comes to determining the value of our projects – LABOR!… Read More Properly Valuing Your Military Projects

Learning Not to Fear the PMP Application Audit

As an instructor at the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Career College, I often talk to students that intend to apply for their Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI). Many of them express concerns over the application itself and how PMI counts their relevant project management experience gained through their military duties. I’ve seen many great articles written on how to properly fill out the application but I wanted to share my own experience of going through the audit process of the PMP application so that readers know they do not need to fear this process if selected for an audit.… Read More Learning Not to Fear the PMP Application Audit

Understanding the PMP® Experience Requirements

I am certain that almost every military Veteran has some amount of project management experience that can be legitimately documented on the PMP application.  But, the amount of that experience will vary depending on a host of factors such as your time in service, positions held, rank, and occupational specialty.  There are minimum requirements you must meet to qualify for the PMP Exam, so you need to first understand what those requirements are and which Category applies to you.… Read More Understanding the PMP® Experience Requirements

Veterans are Project Managers: Overlaying the PMI Project Management Process with Military Planning terminology

Also published by GI Jobs: As a veteran, and a Veteran mentor, I hear a lot of questions about what skills veterans have that translate into civilian occupations. People always mention leadership, time management, initiative, etc. but these are the intangibles of a job description. There is one skill set that all veterans have: VETERANS… Read More Veterans are Project Managers: Overlaying the PMI Project Management Process with Military Planning terminology

Mission Accomplishment = Project Management

Missions and projects are essentially the same thing.  They are both temporary in nature, they usually have several constraints, such as a deadline, or a budget ceiling; and they are both intended to achieve some unique goal or outcome.  I used military missions/projects from my 24 years of active duty in the Marine Corps to meet the PMP experience requirement; and, you can use your military experience to qualify too.… Read More Mission Accomplishment = Project Management