Project Stakeholder Management

Knowledge Area Executive Summary This Knowledge Area is all about the processes used to move stakeholders from their current state of engagement to a desired state of engagement in order to support achievement of project objectives. Process Groups Covered by Stakeholder Management: Initiation Planning Executing Monitoring and Controlling Processes in this Knowledge Area Identify Stakeholders… Read More Project Stakeholder Management

Properly Valuing Your Military Projects

Whether you are looking to accurately capture your military projects for your Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate application or for your annual eval (NCOER or OER), properly valuing your project worth can be challenging for military project managers. Most military project managers think in terms of cost savings for the military. This is correct since we are a “not for profit” organization like corporations but it leads military project managers to overlook a key line item when it comes to determining the value of our projects – LABOR!… Read More Properly Valuing Your Military Projects