Cracking the PMBOK Code 6th Edition

The Project Management Institute (PMI) recently published the PMBOK 6th Edition and there are just as many questions surrounding the 6th edition as there were the 5th edition. I’m up to the challenge. Let’s crack the code.… Read More Cracking the PMBOK Code 6th Edition

Properly Valuing Your Military Projects

Whether you are looking to accurately capture your military projects for your Project Management Professional (PMP) certificate application or for your annual eval (NCOER or OER), properly valuing your project worth can be challenging for military project managers. Most military project managers think in terms of cost savings for the military. This is correct since we are a “not for profit” organization like corporations but it leads military project managers to overlook a key line item when it comes to determining the value of our projects – LABOR!… Read More Properly Valuing Your Military Projects

Cool Tool: Office Timeline

As you get into project management, you will find that there are tons of technology tools out there to help you. If you learn to leverage those tools effectively, you will be much more efficient, your projects will run smoothly, and your stakeholders will respect you as a professional who has your crazy project under control. One of my very favorite technology tools is a simple plug-in for Microsoft PowerPoint called Office Timeline.… Read More Cool Tool: Office Timeline