PM-ProLearn Launches FREE PMP® Exam Prep Course for Military Veterans

On July 4th 2017, PM-ProLearn opened the doors to an innovative, self-paced, and completely FREE PMP® Exam preparation training option for Military Veterans. Within 8 days we had enrolled 500 students in the program and on the10th day, we graduated our first “PM-ProLearner”, retired U.S. Marine, Ethan Irons.

The program is free to Military Veterans for 30 days with full access to all the same training content in our paid version. Designed from the ground up as a premium training option, it provides self-motivated students with everything they need to pass the PMP Exam. The program consists of PMP application assistance and review, 14 sub-courses each with high-quality instructional videos, downloadable slide presentations, interactive exercises, flash quizzes, application quizzes, and audio study files all delivered through the professional Matrix Learning Management System (LMS). In addition, students are given membership to the PM-ProLearn Community Support Group where they interact and collaborate with the instructor and other PM-ProLearners through topic forums, chat rooms and the wiki. All training content in the LMS is optimized for mobile devices providing fully functional resources for students on the go. Wherever there’s an internet connection, PM-ProLearners can stay immersed in PMP knowledge.

Because it’s a self-paced course, students can decide how fast they want to complete it. This works great for students with busy and unpredictable schedules or for those who learn better with immersion over time. The program can also be used by aspirants who have taken PMP training before and need a robust study option or thorough refresher right before they take the exam. With an estimated level of effort of 40-55 hours, an average student can complete their PMP training within the 30 free days, if they have the self-discipline and determination to stay on schedule. However, for those that don’t complete it within the 30 day free period, students can extend their access with a subscription plan for only $99 per month.

In Ethan’s case, he was able to focus his effort in a short period of time and completed the entire course in only 10 days. Fully trained for the PMP Exam with no out of pocket costs, Ethan now sets his sights on studying what he just learned, taking lots of practice questions, and staying engaged with PM-ProLearn through the Community Support Group while he plans for his testing date. We sat down “virtually” with Ethan recently to get his feedback on his training experience in PM-ProLearn’s free PMP course, and asked him 10 questions to pass on any nuggets of wisdom for other Military Veterans who are interested in the program.

Here’s what Ethan had to say:

1)   What is the total amount of time you spent to complete all of the course work?

a)  ” I spent over 50+ hrs from the first day to the end of the course. I committed myself to this course to gain as much as possible. Spending late nights going over the material.”

2)   Do you feel you are prepared for the PMP Exam?

a)   “I feel as though I have a lot of information to pass the PMP Exam, but I will take some more time to fine tune, emerge myself, and ensure I’ve utilized all the resources you provided.”

3)   What else do you feel you need to do to prepare?

a)  ” I feel that I now need to let everything process in my mind and take advantage of the other resources you provided such as the practice exams and practice the math formulas more.”

4)   What was most helpful about the course material

a)   “The most helpful thing about the course was how you broke everything down into simple terms and tied your course into real life examples.”

5)   What can we improve on with the course material?

a)   “For me the only thing that I would have liked was to hear some of the questions that the live students were asking while you were recording the course.”

6)   What was most helpful about the way the material was presented and LMS functionality?

a)   “The way the material was presented was good and the functionality was easy to use.”

7)   What can we improve on in the way the material was presented and LMS functionality?

a)   “I think everything was good.”

8)   What advice would you give to other Military Vets starting the program?

a)   “My advice to other Military Vets starting the program would be pay close attention and stay focused. This is not for someone who is just trying to add “Letters” to their names. It’s a lot of information to gather in a relatively short time frame but just hang in there and study, study, study.”

9)   Did you do any of your study on a mobile device such as phone or tablet?

a)”I utilized my laptop for the course and when I was out and about, I utilized my smart phone.”

10) What additional comments would you like to make about your experience in the program?

a)   “The PM-Pro Learn course is one of the best courses I have taken. It provided me with all the knowledge, resources, and network that I need to comfortably learn and pass the PMP Exam. The instructor (Tim) made learning not only fun, but easy to understand and connected each lesson with real life experiences. I highly recommend PM-ProLearn to anyone planning to become PMP certified.”

As a retired U.S. Marine myself, I encourage all Military Veterans to pursue project management careers as a natural utilization of the project skillsets they gained while accomplishing “missions”. I founded PM-ProLearn with the distinct goal of helping them achieve the professional credentials and real-world understanding of civilian project management they’ll need to be successful. So, we are very happy to offer this free training option to Military Veterans in honor of their service, and excited to see the program with 500 enrollees and growing!

For those that prefer the aid of a live instructor, we also offer $200 discounts for Military Veterans on all our webinar and onsite classroom courses at locations around the U.S., while Purple Heart recipients get all courses for free. We also provide group instruction to military units, DOD agencies, and Government contractors in support of the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015.

To join our FREE Military Veteran PMP Course click here to register.

For more information about PM-ProLearn, visit, email, or call 301-494-3888

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